"Sports and physical activity should be an integral part of a child's daily routine, just like eating and sleeping. Such an approach would likely provide children with the holistic upbringing that parents strive for. Encourage your child to be active throughout the day. He should aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity activity."

Basketball: The school has good team at Senior level. Inter-House competitions are held to encourage students and to bring out their talent in sports. Students are specially trained by coaches who train them to develop their skills. The school team participates in various competitions organized by CBSE in the form of cluster matches.

Kho-Kho: The school has Kho-Kho teams at Senior and middle levels. Inter-house matches are played on regular basis. The school has also participated in the cluster matches which were organized by CBSE played at Palval.

Skating: This sport has been recently introduced in the school . The students are well trained under the expert guidance of the Coach. Our students also brought pride to the school by winning gold and bronze medals by participating in the Interschool Skating competition.

Volleyball: The volley ball team of the school has shown remarkable performance. The boys are being coached by expert teacher who has so efficiently trained the team that they brought honours to the school by winning the Championship trophy twice in two different Interschool competitions. In the coming years, the school hopes to produce players who would bring honours not only to Starex but also to their State and their country.

Cricket: At the Senior level the school has very good cricket team. The team has participated in the Inter school Cricket tournaments and has brought honours to the school by winning runner's up trophy in one and Winner's trophy in other tournament played in Gurgaon.

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