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Book Shop

School has maintained an on campus well stocked book store for students. At this store beside text books, notebook, stationery items and school bags are offered at reasonable price.

The idea of having a bookshop in the school has been increasing dramatically, and the idea has become respectable for many more people in education, publishing and bookselling in order to facilitate the parent community. Nevertheless there was a feeling that we should be more active and wide-ranging in the promotion of children's books and required stationary material. Also, that we should try to reach out to as many people as possible. people who are serious and committed about their professional lives but who, after the working day, pick up private adult lives which include shopping, housework, watching television, mending the car, bringing up children, hobbies etc after getting exhausted never want to go in search of required books for their wards.

This attitude and approach is beneficial for the guardians especially who are working or living away from cities as they can easily purchase the books, notebooks and all the required stationary material from the school itself without any trouble.


School has a tuck shop to satisfy student's temptations for eatables and other requirements.