Art & Craft

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun.” To bring out creativity, arouse curiosity and develop the power of imagination of a child, our students participate in a host of art and crafts project.

"Creativity does not wait for the other person to come first." Creativity pervades all human activities – academic, recreational or otherwise. Art is a means to mould it. It is the most raw and original form to express and enjoy various colours of life. Unique as these exquisite colours is the Art and craft of our school. By discovering the hidden talents of the students and boosting their self confidence, the art teacher tries to create new methods to bring out the innovative, creative, enthusiastic and active participation of the students…… Flower making, pot decoration, wall hangings, art out of waste, interior decoration being some of them. The students creatively design school house boards and their class boards. The art teacher and the activity in charge not only enhances and develops the skills of the students but also exhibits their achievements and talents during PTM. The hard earned appreciation makes them swell with pride, joy and happiness. Time and again, competitions are held to keep alive the spirit of a true artist.

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